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Hefei Risever Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in Hefei, a beautiful city of science and education with a profound cultural atmosphere on March 28, 2001. The total fixed capital is 50 million Yuan and covers an area of 81,666 square meters. We are specialized in the production of various kinds of engineering machinery and construction machinery metal structural parts. The main representative products are excavator counterweight, middle shelf, draft tube deck, etc.

Our company is built on the basis of the modern enterprise management system, which has Technology Department, Quality Control Department, Production Department etc. and three production workshops of counterweight, structure and material preparation. We have strong technology ability and advanced management. Currently the company has 521 sets of production and inspection of equipment, including plasma laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC bending machine, large-size press, bidirectional boring machine, large drilling machine, automatic welding equipment, etc.

Risever always regards "quality is blood, product is life" as its own quality concept therefore spares no effort to invest heavily in the introduction of sophisticated equipment. With the competitive cost, best quality and timely delivery, we are always looking forward to your visit and cooperation.

Chairman's speech

Chairman's speech

Sincere cooperation, achieve the win-win interests and create a grand future.

First of all, thank all the friends for unswerving care for Hefei Risever products and eager expectations for the Hefei Risevers.

China•Anhui•Hefei Risever Machine Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of excavators and other engineering machinery parts and components products. Under the care and support of friends and customers from all walks of life both at home and abroad, today, it has became an increasingly mature construction machinery parts enterprise with a huge scale and potential------- Hefei Risever! Sincere services will set up a bridge of friendship between Risever and the whole country. Excellent quality will stabilize and expand the market for domestic and international customers, while advanced management helps to win the full cooperation with domestic and foreign friends in the industry.

In future, we will, as always, spare no effort to repay customers and the society with outstanding quality and sincere services. We sincerely promise: No matter where you are, we can provide you the required construction machinery parts and services.

Hefei Risever warmly welcomes domestic and foreign customers to visit our company. We sincerely hope to establish amicable relations with friends all over the world, cooperate to realize the win-win situation and create a great future together.

Hefei Risever warmly welcome customers at home and abroad throughout the visit, is willing to wholeheartedly with friends at home and abroad to establish friendly relations of development, sincere cooperation and achieve win-win interests, create grand cause.

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In February 2012, Hefei Risever V plant construction

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Core concept

  • Enterprise purposes

    Turn the momentary opportunity into the eternal challenge, convert the temporary difficulties into unremitting pursuits

  • Enterprise spirit

    No hardship, no success. No hard work, no achievements. Not for the best, but for the better. Maintain the current situation as backward, keep improvement without the limits.

  • Enterprise Vision 2020

    Build and develop our own brand, become a diversified enterprise group with related business.

  • Enterprise mission

    Let customers around the world use our products to build a better home. We have the responsibility to seize opportunities and overcome difficulties so as to benefit customers, employees, investors and society.

  • Enterprise strategic objective 2020

    Become a leading supplier of global construction machinery parts with an annual sales income of RMB 1 billion and core competitiveness.

  • Enterprise core values

    Responsibility first, team-oriented, pursuit of lean, quick action, learning to share, continuous improvement.

  • Employee Code of Conduct

    Honesty, diligence, modesty

Enterprise logo

  • Chinese meaning

    The Chinese meaning of "Risever" is concisely to hope that the company can continue to grow and develop in the upward trend. In other words, no matter at any time,

    our eternal theme in the work is to pursue higher realms rather than meet the status quo and remain stagnation, which is also the full expression of the spirit of “Not for the best, but for the better” of the company.

  • English translation

    If we translate “Yong Yuan Shang Sheng” into English, it is two words of RISE EVER. In order to be simpler and easier to remember,

    inspired by a Chinese-American, we combine two words into one as “RISEVER”. Meanwhile, we also take the lead in registering "RISEVER" as a proprietary trademark.

  • shape

    Regarding the shape of the overall appearance, the company logo is a diamond. From the aesthetic point of view, diamonds represent poise and heaviness,so it is in line with the characteristics of our

    company's main products of construction machinery parts.From the symbolic meaning point of view, the company logo is like two open wings that want to fly high, which means that the company will continue to rise. From the abstract point of view, the contour of the company logo looks like a counterweight, indicating that the counterweight is the company's dominant product.

  • Colour

    Sky blue is our company's main and representative color. While orange-red is our first customer's product color,

    and also it is the color of our first flagship product counterweight after painting.

Corporate culture

Enterprise production and management activities should be involved in each employee's own quality. Everyone who works in the company is the protagonist of producing excellent products, so the spirit of all the staff is closely linked with enterprise development.
Since the founding of the company, we are committed to promoting the enterprise culture and enabling each employee to manifest his own value in his work so as to achieve the goals set by the company that is to make enterprise and individuals develop together and contribute to society. To this end, the company and trade unions have carried out a variety of cultural activities such as employee education, corporate culture seminars, skill competitions, etc. At the same time, the company has also set up a number of amateur recreational and sports activities associations, thereby entertaining and promoting exchanges and progress.

Social responsibility

Love is boundless. No matter how merciless the earthquake is, the world is full of love.

At 7:49 on April 14, 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred in Yushu County of Qinghai province. As of 17:00 on the 21st, the earthquake has caused 2,183 deaths, 84 people missing, and 12,135 people were injured. A sudden earthquake caused the collapse and damage of a large number of houses and buildings in Yushu. Instantly, the breath of the people was stifled. Broken buildings and tiles were everywhere. Countless Yushu compatriots have lost their loved ones and become homeless. After the earthquake in Yushu, the community has steadily upgraded the earthquake relief efforts in the disaster areas. The central organs, ministries, Xining, the capital of Qinghai province, and Yushu held different forms of memorials to express grief to the victims. On April 21, Risever actively donated 20,000 Yuan to the disaster area. Meanwhile, the Chairman Song Chunmei, the General Manager Lai Yonggang, the Deputy General Manager Lai Yongbing and Zhang Yifan were afflicted by the disaster area and donated 5,000 Yuan and 3,000 Yuan, 2,000 Yuan, 1,000 Yuan respectively. During the financial crisis in 2009, the company suffered heavy losses, and Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone helped the company actively cope with the crisis, solve difficulties and tide over difficulties. At this moment, Yushu suffered a disaster, and we should shoulder the corresponding social responsibility to provide a meager strength for our compatriots and the rescue work in the disaster areas. The earthquake deprived lives and brought hunger and panic, but it could not shake a tenacious heart. Wasted years and the accumulated time could not change the love of Chinese people. The disaster affected the hearts of the whole nation and the earthquake in Yushu showed us that the meager forces were gathering and growing. The dead people are already gone forever, and we have to go on as well as how we live now. With pure love and Chinese spirit, we believe that love is boundless and no matter how merciless the earthquake is, the world is full of love. Let us pray for Yushu to get out of the plight and rebuild their homes as soon as possible!

Donation, Blood donation, Wenchuan donation. Love is boundless.