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Hefei Risever9th Welding Skills Competition

2018-10-24 11:00:20
On September 29, the 9th Welding Skills Competition of Hefei Risever,was held in No.5 workshop. It was sponsored by the Manufacturing Departmentand co-sponsored by the Competitiveness Promotion Room of the Manufacturing Department, the Group Trade Union and the Human Resources Department, 10 welders, from three plants,participate in the competition in theory and technology. The competition last one day.

The contest consists of two parts: theoretical examination and practical operation. In order to ensure absolute fairness and justice, the examination group compiles codes for the welded products. After all the works are graded, the test group corresponds to the competitors one by one.
All welders are well-performed during the competition, finally, Hui Fang form Hefei plant wins the first place,Zijian Li wins the second, and MingsuoXie, Darui Zhu and Yalei Li win the third.
Peter Lai(GM) gives winners award in closing ceremony. He points that we should learn from experience and go on keeping active and competitive attitude towards welding and safety. We still have a long way to go.